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July 2009 - My Dear Loved Ones - As I watch you from above, I noticed that there are a lot of frightened souls. Many have lost jobs and their homes. I come to bring you comfort, as well as a reminder. You will begin to see a positive shift. Jobs will become available again and the housing market will bounce back. I also come to remind you that you need to take a long hard look at how you were/are living. Did or do you spend your money on items that you really did/do not need? Did or do you purchase things that you know you could not or cannot afford? Did or do you flaunt and boast about what you had/have? You must be a good steward over your money. Our Creator gives you free will and allows you to make your own decisions. When Our Creator sees you heading down the wrong path, He gives you a warning. When you dont heed to His warnings, (He always give you several warnings) then He has no choice than to allow you to experience the consequence of your decision. I am saying all of this to remind you not to get into the same situation when things are going great for you. Once again, be a good steward over your money and Our Creator will bless you with more. Many Blessings, Archangel Michael
August 2009 - Blessings children, Romantic Love. This is a topic that many are interested in. You seek to find something that is outside of yourself when it is something that comes from deep within your very heart. Yes you all have a kindred spirit or twin flame love connection . Some of you will go through many relationships before reaching this true soul connection. These relationships are important for you to go through because they allow for spiritual growth and lessons that you wouldnt have ordinarily experienced had you not been in these relationships. They are to prepare you for your deepest desired soul mate connection as you call them. If you are currently unhappy in your relationship know that it is only for a season. Divine timing is an important aspect of truly ensuring that your true soul mate relationship will last so please do not try to force something to happen. We will place the two of your together at the proper time to ensure a lasting union. Know that you are very loved and worthy of love. With Love & Protection, Archangel Michael
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SEPTEMBER 2007 - As I look around, I see you each and every day rushing around to get to your destinations. You are so busy that you do not notice the birds singing their harmonious songs, your neighbors beautiful flowers with their out stretched petals reaching towards the sun. You run around the house gathering up family members making sure that they have everything they need for the day, and then you are out the door rushing to your car. With coffee in one hand and your cell phone in the other hand, you miss the beautiful dragonfly sitting on your car. As you drive, you are constantly fussing at the person in front of you because you feel that they are going too slow. As you go around this slow person, you miss the squirrels playing about. You miss the beautiful Monarch butterfly flying across your path. You park your car and quickly start walking. There is a Red Breast Robin perched on a branch as you cross the street. As you finally arrive at your destination, your cell phone rings and you totally miss the wonderful rainbow that has formed in the sky. Yet you ask for confirmation that Angels truly exist. How will you recognize our attempts to send you confirmation if you miss seeing all of Gods creations? I only ask that you slow down, look, listen and enjoy the world around you each and every day. Love and Protection, Archangel Michael
October 2007 - God blessed you with one of his most precious gifts, children. These precious beings need your undivided love and attention. Why are you so afraid to talk to your children? How can you expect them to make the right decisions when you will not talk to them? How do you expect for your children to do the right things if you the parent are doing just the opposite? Children need guidance. Take time every morning or evening to sit down and talk to them. Ask them about their day. Ask them how they feel about certain situations happening in the world. Let your children know that you are interested in whats happening in their lives. When your children state that they are going over to a friends house, ask them for that friends name and phone number. Call that friends parents to make sure it is okay. Take your child personally to his/her friends house. Again, talk to that friends parent/parents and give them your phone number and address. Too many children have too much freedom to go as they please. You cannot be too careful. Pray a prayer of protection around your children each and every day. Also, watch how you treat your own mother and father. How do you expect for your children to respect you if you dont respect your own parents? Why are you so shocked when your children curse, drink, and do drugs? They are only imitating what they see at home. Stop the cursing, arguing, drinking, and drugs in front of your children. With love and protection, Archangel Michael
November 2007 - Many of you have gotten away from prayer. You are so preoccupied with your day to day activities that you fail to take a moment out of your busy schedule to just give thanks. You even have gotten away from giving thanks for your meals. You shy away from saying grace in the presence of others because you feel that you may offend someone. Why dont you become a shining example to many by taking a moment before meals and ask everyone to excuse you while you give thanks. Prayer is very powerful. God hears each and every prayer. Some prayers are short and some are long. God listens carefully to each prayer. Prayer shows your trust and faith in God. They are a source of grace. I know sometimes you become discouraged because you feel that your prayers are not being answered fast enough. God already knows all of your needs. He will give you everything you need, not everything you want. Dont get discouraged because God knows whats best for you. You can talk to Him wherever you are. There are no fancy words that you must use, just talk to Him as you would a friend. Make casual conversation telling Him of your hopes and your troubles, and also about the good things that are happening to you. With love and protection, Archangel Michael
December 2007 - There is too much hatred between the races. God did not create this beautiful world for just one race. God did not give authority for one particular race to rule over another. God created every one equal. God does not see race, He sees only your soul. God is not going to give special treatment because of your race or your church affiliation. God does not love you more if you are Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Lutheran, Anglican, Holy, Mormon, Unitarian, Jehovah Witness, or non-denomination. Do you think Heaven is segregated? God wants you to love one another, not hate one another. God wants you to help your fellow man, not criticize your fellow man. God is the only one who has the right to pass judgment. Parents you do need to watch what you say around your children. They are watching and learning from you. This is how discrimination and hatred continues from one generation to another. Ask God to change your heart. Pray for love towards your fellow man no matter his/her race or religion. Love and protection, Archangel Michael.
January 2008 - The world is going to experience a big change in the New Year. Many will experience true understanding and enlightenment. Your old ways of thinking will be replaced with new ways. You will find yourself understanding and accepting things you did not think you would nor could ever believe. Your mind and senses will be opened and you will experience life in a more fulfilling way. At first, you will feel torn between your current beliefs and your new found beliefs. You will be confused and apprehensive, but just allow yourself to be open to absorb these new feelings and experiences. Doors will be opening where they have been closed. You will begin to feel one with yourself. Your outlook on life will change and be completely different and exciting. Many will notice a difference and see a beautiful glow about you. You will thirst for knowledge and understanding. You will also be pleasantly surprised at how many of your friends and acquaintances feel the same as you do. You will feel renewed and refreshed. Love and peace, Archangel Gabriel
February 2008 - I come to you with many of my fellow Archangels. We have a message that you must hear. We understand that you feel that this is a time of turmoil, catastrophes and much sorrow. These events must not be looked upon with such sorrow. We understand and know it is hard for you to grasp the events in a positive manner that is seen through our eyes. I must tell you that nothing happens just because. Each and every event happens for a specific purpose. Certain events are being played out in order for other events to take place for the greater good. There are times when it is necessary for certain people to be released in order to return to the spirit realm to receive their spiritual eyes to be able to work and help the rest of mankind. A cleansing is now happening. Many will and have experienced earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, and devastation. You may feel that these things are just happening to your generation, but these types of things have been happening to generations before you. This is all a part of the big picture. The earth needs to be cleansed, purified, healed, and revitalized. This will allow future generations to enjoy the same beauty, love, joy, peace that you are enjoying today. We dont want you to worry at all because we are here to help you and bring you comfort. - Many blessings, Archangel Jophiel
March 2008 - My dear loved ones, many loving souls are questioning their beliefs and their way of life. Uncertainty and fear are playing major rolls, and many are afraid that the good times have passed. You keep coming back to the same thought day after day that the future looks unpromising. Why are you judging yourself so harshly? Stop dwelling on past events and painful memories, start healing and letting go. The personal act of forgiveness must come from the heart. Forgiving from the heart changes the energy between you and others. You will not be able to change others because they will have to change themselves. You are responsible for your own spiritual growth. Take time to meditate and look inside yourself for inner strength. Refresh and renew your soul. We, your angels, and guides are here to lead, guide, and help you. Love and Protection - Archangel Michael.
April 2008 - Dear Loved Ones, The gift of spring is here and this is the time to enjoy Gods beautiful creations. Its time to enjoy the beauty of things growing all around you. Its time to enjoy the beauty of flowers with their wonderful smells, shapes, and colors. Look how nature creatively manifests itself over and over. There will be new life amongst you. Spring brings about new beginnings. The trees are blooming with beautiful colors of green and some with colorful flowers. The birds are singing a new song. You will experience the heat of the sun, fresh breezes, and the fresh smell of rain which will nourish the earth. This is also the time for you to shed the old and start anew. You are part of this circle of life. Enjoy the loving energy that is all around you. Do not take for granted that these wonderful things will always be here. Take time to enjoy them each and every day. With Love-Archangel Gabriel
May 2008 - Dear Loved Ones, We come to you today in hopes that you will hear us when we tell you now is the time for your light to shine upon the earth. Lightworkers your mission is unfolding right before your very eyes. You will sense the urgency of our message as the universe continually shifts into a paradigm of a new awakening. Pay attention with your eyes, ears and hearts. You will be called upon now more than ever to help awaken your fellow brothers and sisters to this universal shift in consciousness. Many have already been experiencing this shift of awareness. Many of you will start to see us with your spiritual eyes and hear our messages clearly with your spiritual ears. We are always here to lead you and guide you on your mission. If you feel compelled to study a new topic it is us nudging you to awaken a inner yearning that you have asked us to assist you with. Please know that your mission is important to each and every soul on the earth plane as well as the spiritual plane. We love you very much and are excited about the new era of awakening. With Love & Protection, Archangel Michael
June 2008 - Dear Love Ones, Now is the time for you to come together and rise above your fears and unite. Let others around the world witness your solidarity. Where there is fear there cannot be any growth but where there is light we can all learn and grow. Many things are happening around the world that you may perceive to be as tragedies but I must tell you that all is going according to Gods plan. Fear not dear ones as it is always darkest just before dawn. These things must happen in order to fulfill Gods divine plan. Please do not be alarmed by what you see and hear in the media. Continue to trust your inner voice and inner guidance and let these lead you. Hold firm to the truth you know in your hearts as we are always here to guide you. Your nation is being tested and it is up to you to show the world that you will stand together in unity. Please be kind to one another as God always sees/hears all and rewards acts of kindness. Remember that many of you are turning to God for prayers and help and it is with gereat joy and honor that we can be of assistance to humanity.  Also remember that negative emotions arise from fear. Replace that fear with love because in reality love is all there is. Deepest Love, Archangel Gabriel
July 2008 - Dear Loved Ones, God will always love, forgive, protect and be with you. Even though you may have fallen or are in a dark place, God and his angels will be there to help. If God can love you through all of your faults and stumbles, you can also love and forgive. God always hears your prayers. He will direct you to the path of light and it is up to you to heed His guiding words. Just look to Him to lead and guide you always. With much love, Archangel Michael
August 2008 - Dear Loved Ones, Peace be with you children. I am Archangel Raphael. We are living in very interesting times indeed. Many wonderful and exciting breakthroughs have been and will continue to occur in your world. More and more people will be open to alternative and holistic healing modalities and discovering new age concepts. It is with great anticipation and excitement as we welcome you into the world of boundless energies and creative expression. Children, listen to your inner voices and let that voice be your roadmap to guide and lead you on the path of wellness for it is this voice that is your true connection to spirit and the source and will be the choice of truth. Live in the realty of knowing that only love is real and love is all that exists. Be well my children. With Love, Archangel Raphael
September 2008 - Dear Loved Ones, There is an wonderful pure energy that comes from within our Creator. This energy is Love. You experience this energy when you look into the eyes of loved ones. Our Creator love us all unconditionally. You even experience this energy from within your animals. Animals can teach you what unconditional love is all about. They greet you everyday with the same happy excitement. When you are feeling bad, they can make you smile. They can save you when there is trouble. This is unconditional love. When you learn to love yourselves unconditionally, then you can accept the divine energy (love) that is within your being. When you learn to love yourselves, you will be able to love and respect others. Remember that you are each blessed with angels of love that surround you. With much love, Archangel Michael
October 2008 - I am here with you today children to tell you about the upcoming awareness and rising of consciousness. Many of you are fearful of your nation's economy and upcoming elections. And also fearful of some of the things happening as you would term "natural disasters." Some of you will be called upon to speak your truth as others will surely follow your example. It is not a time for fear. It is a time for prayer and raising your vibrations. For fear in your world has no power over love. If you see your fellow brothers and sisters fallen in the dark help them, lift them with your shining light and help to raise their vibration so that there will be a circle of love created in harmony. Fear cannot live where there is love. You are responsible for your own thoughts and actions so please be sure to guard your thoughts and only think of the things that you want and not of the things you don't want as the key to manifesting begins with your thoughts. Remember all of your experiences in your human form were created by you. With Love & Protection, Archangel Michael
November 2008 - Dear Loved Ones, Behold this is your time to exercise your gifts. Come out of hiding and express yourself fully. Allow others to be healed by your loving spirit. Feel the love and acceptance by your fellow man/women. Let you inner light shine with brilliant rays of gold. Keep this golden shine always to chase away darkness that may approach you. Take the blinders off and see the wonderful beings that were hidden from your sight. Experience the wonders as they unfold before your eyes. This is your time. Let go and let God lead and guide you along the way. Open your heart to experience your angels and guides. Listen intently as they whisper in you ear. Feel the warmth and comfort from them as they come along with you on your journey. You are free to be you. This is your time. Take up pad and pen and write about your wonderful experiences for you are still trying to understand and believe within yourself that you actually experienced such a wonder. This is your time. Read, study, inquire, teach, help, counsel, heal, and meditate. Always thirst for more knowledge. Absorb all you can so you will be able to give to others. This is your time. With All My Love, Archangel Gabriel
December 2008 - Dear Loved Ones, Many of you have forgotten that if you only call my name, I will be there to protect you. Do not ever feel like you are bothering me. I am never too busy to come to your aid. I can simultaneously be with everyone who needs my help. When you are alone, afraid or in danger, just call my name and I will be there. I will never judge you. I will support, encourage and give you comfort. Just call and allow me to be your loving protector. With Love, Archangel Michael
Januanry 2009 - Dear Loved Ones, I want to reintroduce myself to those who know me and introduce myself to those who do not know me. My name is Michael. I am an Archangel. I am honored to be our Creators right-hand man bringing peace to Earth eradicating stress and fear. I am able to be many places at the same time. The reason I am reminding you who I am is because so many have forgotten about me. Some do not know me at all. My wonderful purpose is to bring messages of love from our Creator and to lead, guide and protect you from harm. I am not to be worshipped. Only our Creator is to be worshipped. You can call upon me to protect you. Again, I can help everyone simultaneously at the same time dealing with many different problems. You dont have to have problems to call upon me. I enjoy and love your company. Just call my name and Ill be there. With much love, Archangel Michael
February 2009 - Behold, it is I Archangel Uriel. I bring you messages of hope and peace for this new year. My friends it is with great pleasure I say to you you truly can attain all the hapiness you desire by letting go of all guilt, unforgiveness or negativity which robs you of your precious serenity like a thief in the night. Guilt serves no purpose as it weighs you down preventing you from moving forward and flying like an eagle. Say to yourself, "What purpose is this guilt serving, is this for my highest good?" Truly let go of all unforgiveness as this destroys your ability to be free. By doing all these things you will find the love that you have been searching for all along. Wishing you great blessings and peace, Archangel Uriel
March 2009 - Dear Loved Ones, I come to you to ask you to listen to your hearts. Many of you are struggling with your thoughts of the changes that are happening to you. I must help you to understand why you are facing struggles. God has been looking at his human race. He has given you much in order to provide you with the necessary tools to advance yourselves. He has also noticed that many have taken these abilities to harm your fellow man. There is much division, hording and not caring about your brethren. Yes, God gave you the gift to choose, but to choose wisely and some have not chosen wisely. With this, God had to remind you who is in charge. He giveth and He taketh away. Now, with that said, God is a forgiving God and will give you a chance to start all over again. So, my dear loved ones please take heed and listen to your hearts. Thats where God resides. Stop hording material things and share with your neighbor. Do not covet what your neighbor has because you will only harm yourself. You will be indebted once again. Look to your heart for all answers and ask him to lead and guide you when you are uncertain. With much love, Archangel Michael
April 2009 - Greetings My Dear Loved Ones, I would like to speak with you about the importance of family. Family is the very core of who you are and why you are here. There are very important lessons to be learned from members of your family. At times you have felt you didnt belong or you wish to distance yourselves from your families but I am here to tell you that these are part of your life lessons. Before your physical incarnation you specifically chose the family you wanted to be a part of. So please remember just as you are learning lessons from your family members they are learning from you as well. If you are struggling with a difficult family situation right now ask yourself what is the spiritual lesson Im supposed to be learning at this point. With Great Love, Archangel Uriel
May 2009 - This Message is from Alicia's Personal Guardian Angel Bertha: This message is for those who are wondering about heaven, who are skeptical about heaven and who are scared of heaven. Heaven is such a wonderful, beautiful place that I will try to use words to describe it. In order to fully understand, you have to witness heaven yourself. We have houses, buildings, gardens, forests, birds, animals and our loving pets that have crossed over, ponds, streams, oceans and seas. Our gardens are always green and lush. Our trees are always blooming and the leaves are always so colorful. The animals are very friendly because there is no threat. There are big beautiful lions, little kitty cats, dogs and elephants (to name a few) that roam and play together. We have beautiful sunsets and sunrises. We have schools, lectures, seminars, etc. We have many different temples for new and old souls to visit and rest. We all gather around our Father for daily prayer and celebration. Jesus our brother is always visiting and walking around. He often comes to our homes to sit and converse. Jesus is never too busy to talk to you. He greets you with a warm embrace and smile. You are never in need of anything. You have everything you will ever need here in heaven. When you cross over, you will not be alone. Your angels and loved ones will be there to greet you. Dont be afraid, scared or wonder because when you cross over, you will be at peace because you know you made it home.
June 2009 - Greetings children. This message is about tolerance. God has made each and every one of us unique in their own way. This is what makes each of us special and beautiful. Lets take the time to really appreciate these unique qualities each one of us possess. We as a human race need to become more tolerant of differences for it is these very differences that bind us together to form the tapestry of the human race. It is okay to disagree or not to understand anothers viewpoint but please also remember that you would want others to respect your opinions and viewpoints. Remember that God listens and knows what is in your hearts so it is important to love one another regardless of your differences including race, creed, religion, sexual preference or monetary status. We are all family as one on planet earth. With great love, Archangel Michael