Dec.  "Life is a precious gift from our Creator.  What will you do with the gift given to you?"

Nov.  "Let us all rejoice in this season by living in the spirit of gratitude."
  "Please be aware of your life lessons so that you are not prone to repeat them."
  "Fear not Dear Ones, help is on the way."

Sep.  "Life is the sweetest gift from our Creator."

August"When you do your very best, no one can ask for more."
  "When feeling stressed or a little down, put on some upbeat music and just dance."
  "To stimulate your brain, try to learn something new everyday.  You are never too old to learn."
  "Take long slow walks in the afternoon and enjoy nature all around you."

July   "Beloveds often times you look to outside sources to bring happiness and fulfillment.  You must realize that
happiness is a gift from within."
"Love comes in many forms.  Lets stop for a moment and focus on this word."
"Smile.  The clouds and the fog are lifting."
"You must believe in us when we say there is a brighter future for you."

June"Center and ground yourself despite emotional upset around you."
"Take delight in simple pleasures.  Have a picnic in your backyard and please be sure to bring enough for your fairy friends."
Take some time out of your busy day to call someone you have not talked with in a while just to say “hello.”
"Take time out to do something special for yourself."
"Stop dwelling on the past.  Leave the past in the past and embrace each day as it comes."

May  "Please be patient.  Things are being worked out."
  "Do not be resistant to the tides of life.  Learn to go with the natural flow and order of things."
  "Take time out of your busy schedule to do the things that feed your soul, like reading a book or communicating
with a loved one or an old friend."
  "The tide is about to turn.  Do not give up."

April "Spend more time in nature.  It will help lift any problems you may be experiencing."
  "Enjoy each day to the fulliest.  Too many of you are rushing and wishing your lives away."
  "When you feel down greet everyone with a smile.  Before you know it, your spirit will be lifted."
  "Take baby steps to help fulfill your wishes and dreams."

March"Friendship and playtime are very important.  Take time to reconnect with an old friend or setup a play date."
  "You never have to wonder where we are, we are right there with you every step of the way on your journey."
  "Do not give up.  We have heard your prayers and they are being answered."
  "Communication is important.  We cannot help you unless you ask and invite us in."
  "Heaven's blessings are unlimited.  There are solutions to every problem."

February"Just hold on a little longer because help is on its way."
  "Prayer is for everyone.  Don't feel like you have to belong to any deminomition to pray.  Just lift your voice
and talk to God.  He is always listening no matter who or where you are."
  "Many of you are not taking care of yourself.  You must take time out for yourself."
  "Take some time to call an old friend that you have not communicated with for a long while."

January"We angels would like you to take a few moments of reflection.  What inspires you today?  Who is your inspiration?
Draw upon this energy for strength."
"Follow the path of least resistance.  Your intuition will guide you into making the right decisions."
  "Let go of fear based thoughts and replace them with positive affirmation and loving thoughts to help you achieve your goals."
"What situation are you struggling with now?  Are you trying to handle things on your own? Ask us, your angels to help and guide you."
"Look inside yourself to find the answer.  Its been there all the time."

December"Greet everyone you meet with a smile.  Reach out to those in need.  Take them by the hand and let them know that
  they are loved."
  "Recharge your batteries by meditating every day.  This will refresh and renew your spirit."
  "We know that you are worried about your personal finances and the economy.  Please surrender the situation
                   to us and wait for miraculous solutions to occur."
  "Listen, learn and pay attention to those who want to save the earth from global warming.  Do not take God's precious gift
  for granted."

November  "Please have faith dear ones.  God hears all prayers and they are always answered." 
"There is an energy of excitement and anticipation centered around the many changes your nation is going through. Please
remember to send loving thoughts and positive prayers to your government and your nation as your prayers are always
heard and answered."
"This is a special time of the year.  All of Heaven & the Angels are rejoicing.  Please take time to remember what is
truly important."
"If feeling stressed listen to music as it raises your vibration and increases awareness."

October"Positive thinking will bring positive results.  Negative thinking will only bring negative results."
"Your problems have already been worked out.  Please have trust and faith that your prayers have been heard and  answered."
"Take heed to the signs that Mother Earth is giving.  Stop destroying Her and start appreciating and taking care of Her."
"Turn your cares and worries over to God and leave them there.  Allow Him to take care of you."
"Enjoy each day to the fullest.  Stop worrying about tomorrow."

September  "Be free spirited and let your inner child shine through."
"Take time to listen to our precious little ones.  They are wiser than you think."
"Follow the footsteps of your conscious, listen to it."
"Wonderful change is on it's way."
"Take time to listen to your heart.  It holds the answers to your questions."

August 2008"Don't be afraid to follow your dreams.  Success isn't guaranteed but how will you know unless you try."
"The Gift of Love is free.  There's no greater gift to give or greater gift to receive."
"Give a smile to every one you meet today.  It will make you feel better and it will make the other person feel better too."
"Follow the path of the righteous. Don't be afraid to be the leader, others learn from your example.

July 2008"Have faith and be strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind."
  "Please stop and take time each day to enjoy all of God's creations from the beautiful birds chirping to the wonderous
rain falling from the heavens to nourish the earth."
  "Many of you are inquiring about a loved one or a pet who have crossed over.  Please know that your loved ones are
fine and doing well here with us."
  "Live each day to the fullest.  Stop worrying about yesterday and tomorrow."

June 2008   "Its never too late to tell someone you love them."
  "There is too much rushing around.  Stop, relax and enjoy the small things."
  "Take time to have some fun.  Allow your inner child to come forth."
  "Be gentle with yourselves dear ones.  Some of you are judging yourselves too harshly."

May 2008"There is no right or wrong way to pray.  God already knows what's in your heart, just have a conversation with Him."
    "We are now in a period of transition and transformation.  Do not be afraid, with change comes growth and learning
  "What have you done for someone less fortunate today?  When you bless others, in return you will be blessed."
  "Dear ones you don't have to go through this alone.  Please let us help you, all you have to do is ask."
  "Many of you are expressing in your prayers that you want certain things in your life.  If this special request is in your
  best interest, it will be granted.  Patience is the key."

April 2008 "Incorporate more playtime in your days.  Enjoy the beauty all around you."
"In order for others to trust you, you must first have trust in yourself."
"Be mindful of your attitude towards others.  Take time to listen before speaking."
"In the gentle stillness of a quiet moment you will feel our presence and hear us whispering our songs of guidance into your
  hearts urging you to stay on course with your life's mission.  Do not doubt what you hear, we are your angels always
  here to help, lead and guide you."

March 2008  "No act of kindness or good deed goes unnoticed.  Continue to shine your light upon the earth.  God sees all, you will be
blessed beyond measure."
  “Do not let a day go by without telling someone you love them.”
  "We honor and cherish you.  Above all else we respect you and all that you go through in your human experience.  We are                         always here to lead and guide you.”
"Please be patient with yourselves.  Learn how to take deep breaths in moments of stress.  Remember to call on us when
               you're in need."
February 2008“Many are not happy because their prayers are not being answered in a timely fashion.  God answers all prayers in His own                         time (not your time).  He has perfect timing.  His answers are always on time.”
“All of Heaven is looking down upon you.  As prayers come up, blessings are consistently coming down.  Don’t get discouraged                         because your prayer will be answered.” 
“Pay attention to your inner voice.  Many of you ignore this voice only to find out that what was being said was true.”
“Many of you are asking for our guidance, but you have built walls and barriers around yourself.  Please take down
   those walls so we can come in to help.”

January 2008“Only you can make changes to any bad behavior you may posses.  If you need help and guidance, just ask your angels                                      to lead and guide you in the right direction.”
  “God will always provide for your every need, not your every want.”
  “Happiness is a condition you create from within.  Looking outside of yourself for happiness will not bring you the true                                      happiness you seek."
  “Too often, you only pray when things are going wrong in your life.  Take time to also pray when things are going right.”

December 2007    "This is the time to close those chapters of your life that are over and start with fresh chapters for the New Year."
“Turn all of your troubles over to God and LEAVE them there.  He will take care of you.”
“Stop beating yourself up for something you had no control over.  No one can do better than their best.”
“Remember to be kind to everyone you meet.  They may be having a bad day and your warm smile may lift their

November 2007   “If you want a partner that fits your life, don’t seek out partners with the intention to make them fit you. Trust God                                    to bring you the perfect partner.”
“If someone is unkind to you retaliate with kindness.  Be wise, loving and gentle.”
"Don't despair, when one door closes, another will always open."
“You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.  With each breath, with each choice you make, you have the                                         power to change the course of your entire existence."

October 2007“Be patient and don't give up on God.  He has not given up on you.”
“You must let go of all of those negative thoughts of the past to find peace and harmony in the future.”
“Let go of the past and live in the here and now.”
“Your children need your undivided attention.  Take time to talk and listen to them each and every day.  It will make a
                        difference in their lives.” 

September 2007   "We will never impose or interfere in your affairs.  We are only attracted to those who have faith in                                               us, that love us and seek our help."
   "Don't cry dear one, help is on the way."
                     "Hold your head up and be proud of who you are.  God is proud of you,"
                     "If you want others to believe in you, you must first believe in yourself."

August 2007       "Enjoy each and every day to the fullest."
               "Stop your rushing around.  Take time out to enjoy the things around you."
                    "Close your eyes and ask me my name and I will answer."
                "Why do you seek me only to turn me away?"

July 2007           "You are never alone.  I am with you always."

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