Thank you so much, to the both of you.  May you both be blessed abundantly beyond measure.  It is not often that you cross paths with people that genuinely care about people....people they don't even know, for that matter.  *** "Continue in this way, and miracles will begin to show up for you both.  When you go out of your way to help those in need, you are in reality helping 'Me'.  For I am in all things, and am all things.  What you have given to David, is the miracle he has asked me for.  For as you provide, so shall you be provided for.  I am witness to everything, big and small.  What is 'small' to you, isn't small to another.....and futhermore, nothing is 'small' to Me.  You will now both be given grace in you affairs, so be light of heart, and know you will be taken care of.  Those that appear to be your 'students' are in fact your greatest teachers, and within them lies my presence.  As you honor all, you honor Me, and it is from that place of humility that you shall both be raised up.  Don't ever allow fear or doubt to cloud your heart and mind.  For as you banish fear and doubt in another, so shall it be banished within you.  There is no seperation.  I am revealing myself to you both here, through this simple man that came to you for guidance, to show you and remind you to see Me in all.  I am proud of you both, and you just so happened to help the 'right' guy.  Devote your lives to helping and guiding others, and you will see not only your finances increase, but your powers as well.  You have humbled yourself before my son, David, and that will not be forgotten.  No good act is forgotton in My heart, no kindness unseen by My eyes.  For as I have once said centuries ago, 'Neither wind nor fire, birth nor death....can erase our good deeds.'  Thankyou my precious, precious daughters.  For it is you both, in whom I am well pleased.  My love for you both is without end, without limits....beyond mere human capacities or conditions.  I am the love that is wordless, the love that is incorruptible.  Know that I am love, I am all things, and thus you are love and all things.  You have never dissappointed Me.  Dissappointment would imply that love could be divided into pieces containing anything other than love.  A slice of apple pie, cannot become pecan pie.  A wave cannot be taken out of the ocean, the same as the ocean cannot be taken out of the wave.  Dissappointment implies a lack of love.....something that I cannot do, for love is all I am, and I am that I am.  Failure, is impossible.  Love is joy, and the fulfillment of purpose.  Love is all there is.  Hence, 'success' is inevitable.  Remember that I am the all, and you are both one with all things.  You are my perfection.  You are both my deepest joy and love made manifest.  In life, there are stages of progression.  Both of you are now ready to progress to the next level; not only in proffessional success, but in your conscious awareness of the divine, both within you and without you.  Go forth, my beautiful daughters, and claim the kingdom that has always been yours.  Always and forever - Goddess."  Thankyou again, and peace be with you -

Dave Andersen
New York


Thank you so much for the reading!  it was better than I hoped.  I have written a second book about angels and am in the process of editing it now and doing my proposals to submit to publishing companies.  so meeting a man through the course of this process makes perfect sense to me and makes me very happy.  Epiphany did tell me to let go, but I thought she meant to stop trying control my situation with Mike.  I kept getting the healing card when I did my angel card reading and now it makes sense to me, to heal myself so I can move on.  YAY!  it's so nice to have clarity.

I am amazed at how much you do.  but I also think women in general are pretty amazing, our grace, endurance and capacity for love and forgiveness.  If you ever need support in any way and you think I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Again dear Shawna, thank you so much for your help.  I found the information very insightful and it brought clarity to issues I have had trouble steering through.

H. Radelli
New Mexico
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The angels were dead on, so to speak.  I see the truth in them.  You and Alicia brought me tremendous comfort.  I can't thank you enough.

Thank you both.  I am truly blessed to know both of you.  Your words mean so much.  You have helped so much. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  That's all I can say.

L. Brousaides
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I have received two readings from Shawna and Alicia and have been both comforted and pleased.  The first reading came at an uncertain point in my life and helped guide me to making decisions that ultimately improved things.  The second one brought me peace regarding my deceased mother and that she is okay.  Thanks so much Shawna and Alicia for sharing your blessed gift with us.

Suzi G.
It is a blessing for me to be able to clearly hear from the angels. Thank you, and I wish you the best guidance from the angels.

New York
I would like to thank God for using Alicia and Shawna.  They are compassionate and authentic.  Through the help of the Angels guiding me, my life has more meaning.  I thank God for leading me to their website.  Word can not express how grateful I am for their insight and wisdom.


Donna Price

Colorado Springs, CO