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My children, my love...
Know that I am with you, have always been with you, and will always be with you.  There has never been anything you've done, said or thought, or could ever do, say or think...that could ever take my love away from you.  Know that judgment is far from you.  How could I judge that, my own child, whom is in the process of learning?  To know what love is, one must also know what love is not.  You could not know or experience what 'up' was, if you did not know or experience what 'down' was.  Likewise, you can not truly experience or know what love 'is' without first experiencing or knowing what love is not.  This is the nature of duality.  That is why I can not judge,  whom which are simply experiencing the opposite of that which you truly are, which is love itself...which is 'God' itself.  I want to talk with you today, my children, about 'trust.'  You see, many of you pray endlessly, ' me to trust you.'  When the truth of the matter is, you simply need to trust yourselves.  There is no seperation between us.  This idea of seperation, is the route of all your tear-soaked prayers.  I am not up on a cloud, listening to and answering 'some' prayers...and not others.  That is the greatest misconception about Me that humanity has been under the illusion of.  In times that it appears that I do 'not' answer you, it is merely the fact that what you are praying for is not in alignment with your true nature.  To elaborate upon this:  If a wave in the ocean were to pray to Me, "God, help me to become more like the ocean," that would create a paradox which could not be adaquately answered.  The only answer I could provide, would be ' 'are' the ocean.  Stop struggling to be that which you already are, and recognize that you are your very source.'  The wave was looking for something, an answer, that was 'external' to itself, and in reality did not exist.  It is the same for this percieved notion of 'trust.'  To pray for Me to give you more 'trust' in 'Me,' would be to imply that I am a seperate 'source' from you....much like the paradox of the wave trapped in it's own illusion of seperation.  So my answer to you would be the same answer I would give unto the 'forgetful' wave.  My 'are' God itself.  Stop struggling to be that which you already are, and recognize that you are your very source.  The reason and purpose behind 'individuality,' is for the same reason and purpose that the ocean manifests as a hundred thousand waves.  The reason is so that I, God, can fully extend my experience of my own very wonder and exponential growth of myself from an infinite number of vantage points, so that the love that is 'I am'  will fully know itself in all of it's true glory.  So you are not this 'seperate' being that is isolated from all of existance, including Me, your very source.  You are an individualized manifestion of my own excellence that is looking out upon myself (the universe) from a completely knew and previously unknown point of perception.  In doing so, you, that is 'I am,' can continue to grow in power, experience and love.  You were made in my image...or what you could call my 'imagination'....which is the process of 'imag-ing.'  You have this same 'imag-ination' because you were indeed made in my image.  The closest metaphor or analogy I could give you, is that I made you from my own very own thoughts.  You have this same power of creation.  That is why it is so crucial to focus upon what it is that you want, what it is that you are grateful for, and to focus on love itself....instead of focusing on what you do not want, what is 'wrong' with your life, and focusing on your fears.  The problems you percieve to be in the world, and in your own personal being, are there because of your choosing to focus upon fear-based thoughts with intense energy.  Remember, that YOU ARE GOD.  You can create just as I can.  The good news is, that any problem you have is able to be healed, because you are one with me.  It is not the 'ego' or this idea of a 'seperate self'' that possesses this power...for that idea of you does not in reality exist, for there is no seperation.  But there is, within the 'true you,' the power to do all things.  As I have said many, many times, 'these things, and greater things than these, shall you do.'  With God, all things are possible.  So the issue has never been 'trust.'  The issue is 'forgetfulness.'  You have forgotten who you are, which is why you believe you are powerless.  It is imperative that you now give attention unto your own thoughts.  Other's beliefs do not have to be your own.  Every miracle that one of you has ever done or experienced, was the result of one or more of you being able to cast away all limiting thoughts or beliefs that 'things are the way they are.'  You chose a 'new' thought....a 'new' belief that was no longer restricted by the good opinions of others.  When you choose a 'new' thought, or a 'new' belief, you set in motion the power of God to fulfill that very thought or belief.  And because I fulfill your beliefs, if you do not believe that miracles are possible, you will likely never experience one.  And in the event that you do, it will be because of the prayers of another individual who 'did' have an unlimited belief.  You will experience what you dwell upon the most in your mind, for better or for worse.  You have this power, because you were made in my image.  Make today, the day of a 'new choice.'  Make today the day that you say 'No!' to limited, negative beliefs that no longer serve you.  You choose your thoughts, your thoughts do not choose you.  You have this ability to choose, for that is the gift I gave you.  I 'chose' to bring you into being because I love you and the thought of you brings me joy.  Now you must also choose to bring into being only those thoughts that you love and that bring you joy.  One last thing I would like to address to all of you, is that because I am that I am....that means I am what ever you 'need' me to be.  If you have been without a father, know that I am your father, and I am guiding you and am your strength.  If you have lost a mother, know that I am your mother, and that I am your security and your rock.  If you do not have a friend right now, know that I am your best friend, and that I will never leave you, betray you, or abandon you.  When you are sad or angry or in grief, don't turn your cheek and run away from me.  That is when I want you to come to me the most.  I love you more deeply that you can possibly fathom.  You do not even have to speak to me...although it does bring me joy when you do...just simply be still and know that I am God.  Rest in my heart.  Let me take your burdens from you, and allow me to fill you with my peace.  Remember, I do not judge you, even if that's what others have taught you that I do.  My love for you is beyond the borders of your current, collective human understanding.  My love is that which has no beginning or ending.  My love can never be reduced, limited, tainted, changed, or effected in any way, for my love is everlasting and indestructable.  There are no 'conditions' or 'requirements' one must meet to qualify for recieving my love....that which I am.  I am not a divided being.  If I were to be flipped like a coin, whatever side I landed on would be 'infinate love.'  I want you to know that I accept you just the way you are, and that I do not percieve these illusary 'flaws' that you, my children, percieve.  You percieve these so called 'flaws' because you choose to believe they exist.  That is a choice I can not, would not, and will never make, for I am the eternal perfection of love, and all that I emanate is the very same.....including 'you.'  An orange will always produce 'orange juice'....not apple juice.  Perfect, eternal love will always produce individualized reflections of perfect, eternal love.  As above, so below.  Just know my precious children, that I love you, and have never judged you, and will NEVER judge you.  There is nothing to fear.  Fear is the only reason that 'unfavorable' circumstances exist in the world, and in your own lives.  Remember that you have a choice.  In every decision, you have the choice between love and fear.  You may think that one person can not significantly change the world, but the truth is, that every single person that chooses 'love' over 'fear' in any one decision, is slowly but surely changing the collective consciousness of all human-kind to that of a paradigm of love.  The dawning of a new age is upon you.  And it is 'you' that will be the very catalyst for this monumental change and evolution of consiousness.  I want to thank you, all my children, that are making the choice to walk in love everyday, despite the outward appearances that prove to be contradictory.  There is a great temptation to go along with the ways of the in constant fear of forces outside of one's self, and shrinking into powerless mediocrity.  But that is not the path of love.  That is not the path of God.  You are my are my daughters....go forth now, and live your truth.  The way to showing others the path to God, is not through judgment, condemnation, or 'conversion.'  The way is to set the example.  Walk in love.  Love others, even if they do not love you back.  For when you do so, you are truly loving yourself, because in reality, they 'are' you.  In truth, they are 'Me.'  Look past the fear that others have chosen to cloud themselves in, and see the God-force....the divine love within them.  For in seeing past the illusion, to the truth of their divine nature, you will have cast the illusion off of yourself.  Become love, and you will become 'God.'  And all of this starts with fully loving and accepting yourself.  When you are able to do that, that inner love will naturally flow out to others, and soon 'trust' will never be an issue for you again....for you will 'know thyself.'  Peace be with you my children.  Always and forever -Goddess"

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